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I am not accepting custom requests at the moment.

The items of my remaining inventory can be bought in my ETSY shop with 50% discount!

Welcome to

We make custom molecule models on request and you can buy existing models in our shop.

All models are unique pieces and the photos in the shop are from the actual model. All models are glued together and cannot be disassembled.

We make wooden and 3D printed models. All models consist out of seperate atoms with or without visible bonds. The ratio of the sizes of the atoms are as accurate as possible and are based on the covalent radii of the atoms.

The wooden models are bigger than the 3D printed models by default, but with custom orders more sizes are possible.

Example: Hydrogen has a covalent radius of 0.31Å. The 3D printed size has a diameter of 9.3mm and the wooden Hydrogen sphere has a diameter of 12mm.

The colors of the atoms are based on the CPK colors, but can be made differently on request.

When you want a model that is out of stock, contact us and we’ll make you a new one.

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