3D Printed Molecule Model of Dodecahedrane


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This is a 3D printed molecule model of Dodecahedrane, C20H20. The atoms are 3D printed in the correct ratios based on data from the Cambridge Crystallographic Database. It is mounted on an oak wood base in the shape of a pentagon with carbon fiber rods. Dodecahedrane is a chemical compound, a hydrocarbon whose carbon atoms are arranged as the vertices (corners) of a regular dodecahedron. Each carbon is bound to three neighbouring carbon atoms and to a hydrogen atom. This compound is one of the three possible Platonic hydrocarbons, the other two being cubane and tetrahedrane.

The model is about 17cm high, 10cm wide, 10cm deep. More about Dodecahedrane you can read on PubChem or here in wikipedia. Read this blog post to see how I make the atoms and build molecules: 3D printed atoms.

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