3D Printed Molecule Model of Fluvoxamine


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This is a 3D printed molecule model of Fluvoxamine, C15H21F3N2O2. The atoms are 3D printed in the correct ratios based on data from the Cambridge Crystallographic Database. It is mounted on an oak wood base in the shape of a hexagon. In the middle of the hexagon is a green epoxy cast. The model is 24 cm high, 16 cm wide and 13 cm deep. Fluvoxamine has shown anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it has been investigated as a treatment for COVID-19. More about Fluvoxamine you can read on PubChem. Fluvoxamine was molecule of the week on 6 Sep. 2021 on the ACS website. Read this blog post to see how I make the atoms and build molecules: 3D printed atoms.

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