Cristobalite Cubic Molecule Model


This is a wooden cristobalite cubic molecule model.

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This is a wooden molecule model of a cristobalite cubic. The atoms are hand painted. It is mounted on a beech wood base. The edges of the cubic are nickel-plated brass rods.

Cristobalite is a mineral polymorph of silica that is formed at very high temperatures. It has the same chemical formula as quartz, SiO2, but a distinct crystal structure.

The size of the model is 25cm x 25cm x 32cm (width, depth, height).

It can turn on it’s base, it’s mounted with a brass rod in a small brass tube.

More about the diamond cubic here: Diamond Cubic on WikiPedia.

The cristobalite cubic molecule model is a unique model and the images are of the model itself.

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